Healthy Fish Recipes for Family

Serve these healthy fish recipes for your family or make barbecue yard party with grilled and bake your fish. Why you need to consume fish in your diet? First, if you want to have body and heart good, this is perfect alternative for you. Eating fish at least two portion a week, especially when the fish is cold water species that contain high omega 3 fatty acid, benefit to reduce the heart problem risk in significant. The other research also shows that eating omega 3 in rich fish are able to prevent joint problems, Alzheimer and relieve depression. Even, seafood types such as crabs and scallops are rich in nutrients with lean and healthful nature.

Fish is food with rich protein that important for muscles grow and repairing. Eating right amount from protein can provide the essential amino acid. Amino acid is important for your body since your body always renewing cells and continually building that need this amino acid to do. Our body is unable to produce amino acid. Therefore, we need to get this protein from our diet. We need at least take one portion of oily fish such as trout, salmon, mackerel, and pilchard. The oily fish is good source for omega 3 and fatty acids that good for heart health. Salmon has high content in Vitamin D that our body need to absorb calcium into our bone to makes bone strong and healthy. Vitamin B 12 in Salmon is important for nervous system and metabolic to function properly. Vitamin B12 also needs to make red blood cells. White fish content with minerals that control out metabolism. More